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A self-help book combined 

with a life story of

late-diagnosed ADHD

"Astonishing stuff, as raw, honest and in your face,

from a personal perspective, as anything I have read"

"One to make a reader step back and think, '"

"Informative, entertaining and Courageous"

"A unique insight into ADHD"

Memoir and Biography of The Year 2023 - The East Anglian Book Awards

Katherine's Story ...

"If you know your partner has ADHD, it can be difficult, but if you don’t, it’s even more challenging and it makes it all the more remarkable we got through it together" 

“That was your fault!"

I screamed at him as we surveyed the damage to the car and fence post

"I would almost cry with frustration, wondering how anyone could be so forgetful that he needed to pick our daughters up from a club after school at a set time"

"I have, at times, found it challenging to deal with Tim’s spontaneity pushing our relationship to the brink on more than one occasion"

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"I was left thinking there was a little bit of ADHD in all of us"


"I laughed out loud but then felt guilty for doing so.

'A work of art and truly an inspirational piece of writing'. Brilliant.!!'
Darren Cammock
‘Me and ADHD’ Podcast 
“The judge praised the honesty, uncomfortable recollections, resilience and overall positive genius of the book"
"Sit Still Timmy! is an authentic and personal book that delves into the realities of living with ADHD. With raw discussions and genuine insights, it offers a realistic portrayal of the challenges faced by individuals with ADHD"

"At times it is laugh out loud funny. At other times despairingly bleak"

"Frank and brave. I could not put it down. Great to read for anyone with or who wants to understand more about ADHD"
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Just a Few Lines ...


"I expected him to get out of the car and cancel my driving test there and then"

My misfiring brain has invented the ultimate game of Dare

"On my return home, Katherine found my keys, they were in the fridge, obviously!"

"I realised the therapist had given up on me when she shouted ‘It’s not your fault! No one asks to be born!’

"The steward at the door continues staring at us, and I wonder if we will soon be asked to leave" 

"It seems this relationship is about to end, all through my stupidity & ridiculous behaviour"

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"Brilliantly written and a real page turner" - 'Compulsive"

Thank you for writing this book

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